What is Recruitment
Lots of people have heard the word, and most know it means the process of employers finding people for their positions. On the whole sounds like a simple process but it can be a complicated process for both the business and interested candidates.

The most intriguing part of the process is how do both parties find each other, the company needs to let people know they are looking and the potential candidate needs to find this out and show they are interested. Sometimes this can be a bit like trying to find a destination you’ve never been to before with no sat-nav or map.. tricky hey?

My blog is going to give reliable information to companies looking to recruit and people looking to maximise their chance of getting the jobs they want. I am a freelance recruiter so talk to many different companies about their recruitment needs and each day I receive and read many CVs alongside interviewing candidates. My information comes from what I have experienced and anecdotes about real-life situations.

My mission is to give employers sound recruitment information and people looking for work great tips to help them find their dream job, believe me, I, like most recruiters love the buzz when you make that connection and have a happy employer and candidate.

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