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Recruiting for West Norfolk
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Services & Pricing

Contingency - 15% of Salary

You explain the position to us; we write the professional SEO linked advert and find you, great candidates. We use methods such as advertising on the six biggest job boards, search huge CV databases using our Boolean string expertise and find people through social media.

Once the candidates have been found we screen and collate a shortlist of the strongest candidates ready for you to select who you would like to interview. No risk recruitment as if you don't appoint there is nothing to pay.


0 - 2 Weeks


2 - 4 Weeks


4 - 8 Weeks


8 - 12 Weeks


Apprenticeship Recruitment - £1000

What we offer you

  • As a passionate supporter of apprenticeships, we offer a reduced rate. 
  • Advertise it on the six biggest and 100's of linked job-boards
  • Premium featured, refreshed and bold adverts
  • Screen out and reply to all the non-matching applicants
  • We conduct the first face to face set of interviews
  • You receive feedback on the interviews and choose a shortlist to interview
  • A real recruiter to call for advice and guidance

Fixed Price Recruitment - £749

What we offer you

  • Professionally written, SEO optimised job advert
  • Advertise it on the biggest and 100's of linked job-boards
  • Premium, featured, refreshed and bold adverts
  • The option of having your company name on the advert
  • Screen out and reply to all the non-matching applicants
  • Formatted (word / PDF) CV's with full contact details on each one
  • A real recruiter to call for advice and guidance
  • You recieve all the best-matched applicants to recruit from

CV Search - £499

  • We search the biggest online databases for the skills you are after
  • Convert CV's into easily readable formats such as word or PDF's
  • Email all matching CV's across to you
  • Each CV has the contact details on ready for you to contact
  • We find clients use this service periodically to assess passive candidates

Job Advert Writing Training - Free

  • We visit your site to deliver this free training, usually 1 hour
  • The most important part of the process as a well constructed job-advert attracts great candidates
  • Learn about SEO in a job-advert and why it is important
  • Understand the best layouts and how to investigate terminology

Just ring up on 01553 670642 and book an appointment

Retained Recruitment - 20% of Salary

For retained recruitment, we use all our resources furthermore it allows us to work more closely with you, sourcing and approaching candidates for more skilled positions this can be seen as more professional as we are acting directly for you.

20% of salary paid in 3 equal instalments

  1. At the start of the process.
  2. When the client makes an offer
  3. Once the applicant starts work

Nine Month Warranty - If the candidate leaves within 9 months we recruit again for free.

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