It seems that it is now VERY important to keep a close eye on your company details on LinkedIn. I would advise you to look at who is marked as an employee of your company and if there is a clone company of yours on LinkedIn.

A few months ago I received a message from someone I didn’t know (very mysterious) and they weren’t trying to sell me something (even more mysterious). I thought it was spam as it talked about “ghost employees” and LinkedIn accounts etc. Scanning down I was looking for the part where they wanted my bank details in order to perform an exorcism, but there was no request. With the lack of wanting anything from me, I read it. The guy said he thought people had put themselves fraudulently as working for my business.


Really! I thought, so, pipe in mouth and deerstalker on I looked through my company profile and found 7 mysterious people I did not know. Easy, Just call on my co-detective Google and he’ll advise me how to go into settings and erase them. How wrong was I. I found a 10 step (wow) process on how to do this, well, how to put in an application for LinkedIn to do this.

Within the steps, I opened a form to explain why I needed to expel them. The guide had steps such as put their full name and web address and the reason for expulsion in the “your question field”?  Once completed and after numerous times to submit it eventually sent. Alas, I didn’t receive the promised confirmation and ticket reference number. Like a Tinder match waiting for a response I checked my profile numerous times. They did not go quickly. After a few weeks I started to plan an induction process in case they all turned up.


The update is that a few months on they are gone but it still says 7 staff on the employees’ part but there is no one there. I am still unsure if they left or were pushed by LinkedIn. Oh and these were profiles from across the globe with one as far as Australia. I doubt they were real people as it would have been a hell of a commute to Norfolk. Maybe flexible working from home for Steve in Australia and Alisha in Hong Kong.

Breaking News

The latest, latest update is that I have now found that there has been another company profile added to LinkedIn. This, my, the Company is the same name and address and my website address on the profile but is for outsourcing and offshoring? Duly filling out all the forms again, oh joy, I did receive the aforementioned email from LinkedIn so they are looking into it.


In the words of – Sergeant Phil Esterhaus ” Let’s be careful out there”


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