About Us

First, the basics, Recruit 500 is a local independent recruitment agency, we only deal with permanent or contract positions, not temporary employment. Once a candidate starts work, you the employer pay them directly, they are never on our books. Keeping people on the books is not something we do as we feel it isn’t best for you as there are often better-matched people out there. We can find these candidates quickly using the biggest Job boards, CV databases and headhunting techniques.

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk is our specialist area, we understand the local labour market, transport systems, seasonal trends and employers. Originally, we recruited for construction and engineering, but over time we have become a more general recruiter as the companies we recruited for in those sectors asked us to fill other roles for them. Word spread, and we found we became a general recruiter, successfully filling positions in many different sectors such as administration, accounts, design, catering, retail, HR and Marketing to name but a few.

How it Started

Paul Hunt, the owner, worked on a government contract as a recruiter for 5 years, in that time he worked with over 250 local employers. This was a fantastic experience as he heard about their recruitment frustrations and what worked well. During this period of time, Paul successfully placed over 1000 people into employment with employers from many different sectors. Previous to this he had professionally written CV’s and been an employment tutor so had good knowledge regarding many facets of recruitment.

Paul took voluntary redundancy in 2015 as the contract came to its natural conclusion, but he had been bitten by the recruitment bug, the great feeling recruiters get when a well-matched candidate starts work for a good company. Paul decided to start Recruit 500, since then the business has gone from strength to strength.
We are now a flexible, fast moving recruitment company that can react quickly to a companies needs.

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Our business is recruiting for your business.

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